LittleBooks was created by Stanford student, Jennifer Lau, in the Learning, Design, and Technology Masters program.

It is a language-learning platform designed to support second language acquisition through engagement with multimodal and multilingual books. 

Collaborator: Jason Clavelli (Stanford Computer Science)

Special Thanks Dr. Karin Forssell, Dr. Shelley Goldman, Dr. Guadalupe Valdes, Dr. Kenji Hakuta, Dr. Dan Schwartz, Citlalli Del Carpio and Maria Cristina Urruela, Kara Sánchez, Tanner Vea, Jamie O'Keefe, Eduardo Munoz, Amor Olvera, Susana Tamashiro, Susana Chou, Jessica Webster, Stephanie Pancoast, Maria Cervera, Kirti Patel and the 2013 and 2014 LDT cohorts